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Phone: 0330 838 4230

Tuffnells is focused on providing parcel deliveries for businesses. The carrier is committed to developing strong working partnerships at a local level.

The UK born delivery company began with delivering via horse and cart in 1914. By 1983, Tuffnells operated from 15 depots nationwide. During its one-hundredth year of business, the carrier was acquired by Connect Group PlC.

Tuffnells offers a highly, competitive, reliable and flexible service. Using their own fleet of vehicles it operates a personalised service.

The range of services on board is diverse and versatile. Databag is perfect for crucial, urgent consignments. While ‘Fastbak‘ is a feature that can be used when you need something collected and brought back to you. It’s that easy!

Shipping with Scurri.

Scurri has a 99% SLA rating, making us the key player in the market. Our support team works with customers to provide the best solution in a time effective manner.

Since partnering with Scurri, we have seen numerous efficiency increases throughout our operation

Chris Perrins

CFP, Gymshark

Scurri is a cloud based multi-carrier, eCommerce shipping platform. Aimed at making personal delivery simple for eCommerce merchants. Scurri gives online merchants a fighting chance against the global eCommerce giant, Amazon.

By introducing a simple, scalable, serviceable online shipping solution to a growing market we are the driving force for online retailers.


-19.6% shipping costs
85% faster shipment creation time
Improved Customer Care

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