Integrating carriers into your warehouse operations is time-consuming. While printing the correct labels and tracking orders doesn’t have to be a headache!
Our carrier management platform makes personal delivery simple. Through a scalable shipping software Scurri will improve your delivery performance.


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Agile Rules Engine

This is, without doubt, the favoured feature of our platform. As a Carrier Managment System aimed at making personal delivery simple we designed a software that was innovative and easy to use. Our flexible rules environment allows Scurri customers to set pre-defined rules that sort through orders moving them automatically through the order sequence in preparation for fulfilment.

Labels, labels and more labels

All of our labels are designed to fit 6″ by 4″ labels eliminating the need for multiple printers using different carriers. Using Scurri’s Shipping API feature you can call each label for printing in the order management platform or ERP system. Our Scan and Print tool brings label generation that one step further. Through scanning the 2D barcode a label is automatically printed speeding up the dispatch process.

Hands on Support team

Scurri boasts the highest SLA rating in the industry at 99%, allowing our eCommerce customers to get the support they deserve. Located in Scurri HQ Ireland, our support team are focused on growing a unique relationship with each platform user while delivering high levels of customer care. We take the time to walk through the onboarding process step by step and stay with our users during their Scurri journey.

Try it yourself Eco-System

At Scurri, we understand the significance of moving to a new carrier management system and the risks involved. Our sandbox environment allows customers to implement Scurri for a trial period in order to test how the integration improves logistics and delivery process within an eCommerce environment.

Access International Shipping

As Brexit remains the ‘hot topic’ of conversation amongst eCommerce figures. Scurri works to include custom documents on all applicable orders. CN22’s and CN23’s are embedded into the rules engine, automatically generating for international orders. Scurri includes a feature that prints the label and necessary customs documents further streamlining our customers delivery process.

Unlimited Users

During the R&D process when Scurri was in its early stages we noticed the importance of having unlimited users on a single platform. Why have integrated platforms and carriers coincide with only a single user reaping the benefits? In order to enhance the user experience, we allowed multiple users onto the platform. Along with a clean and easy to use UI, unlimited users is an ideal feature to further enhance the delivery process.

Tracking from Single Location

Scurri’s unified tracking is the newest feature to the platform and is the ideal solution for customer service teams. Various tracking systems for each carrier can be accessed right on the Scurri platform. Allowing you to concentrate on delivering customer service KPI’s and growing your business through automation and a simple delivery process.

*Currently in Beta testing – ask our Scurri representatives for more details.


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