At Scurri, you will get to work with a team of highly driven, friendly peers who strive to make a big difference.

The Scurri Team

At Scurri, we strive to know our customers and be adaptable to their needs with innovative solutions that add real value. We obsess about making our solutions the most simple, most seamless and most radically up to date with best in class tech and best in class service. Our vibrant team are curious and resourceful, sharing an aspiration to enhance the global delivery experience by connecting commerce.

Scurri Team Family

Our Values

At Scurri we take our culture very seriously and our days are immersed in it. Here is what we live by:

Family at Scurri


A culturally diverse, close-knit team we share a common goal – to place Scurri on the map. Our working week is 37.5 hours with 21 days holidays. We understand the importance of flexibility and family in and outside the office.

Social Scurri


Our modern office space is the epitome of fun and entertainment. From pool tournaments to fitness challenges we cater to all kinds of hobbies. Join us for Smoothie Friday or share your Birthday with a cake from us to you.

Scurri Success


Every company aims to be successful. We are consistently reaching new heights. Our 1% policy provides employees with an opportunity to use 1% of their working time for charity. Giving back to our community carries our success beyond the office.



Lean is balance, transparency and collaboration. We believe simplicity is the competitive advantage.  Through connecting commerce, Scurri empowers a Lean approach to its office space and customers alike.

Scurri Shipping


Scurri customers are the advocates for everything we do. We have empowered a small business to become the largest growing company in the UK. Backed by an NPS above industry average and 100% SLA, our customers are the Scurri core.

Scurri jobs


The realm of creativity. A huge space beaming with inspirational quotes is what meets you upon opening the office doors. Working outside the box has allowed Scurri to be innovative with some of the largest players in the eCommerce market.

Location, Location, Location.

Wexford is a popular and increasingly sought after relocation choice for people seeking a better quality of life, standard of living and increased disposable income.

The work life balance is easy to achieve thanks to short commuting distances, stunning beaches and natural amenities as well as a region steeped in heritage. Some other key benefits of living and working in the south east is the substantially lower cost of childcare and the low cost of property rental when compared to some of the major cities.


Life is short, make work matter!

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