One-third of all online orders in June were international deliveries, according to the latest figures released by eCommerce membership group IMRG.

During the month of June, 27% of all online orders were delivered to international addresses – the highest amount for June in the five years of the IMRG MetaPack UK Delivery Index.

The performance points to UK online retailers’ offerings being more attractive to international Internet shoppers following the fall in the value of sterling after the EU referendum result.

The Index revealed that delivery volumes rose 10.3% in June compared to the same period in 2015. Volumes rose by 1.6% when compared to the previous month of May.

Early impact of Brexit appears to have filtered through to UK online delivery with volume growth stalling compared to last year, some of which could have been a slow-down in sales following the result, according to IMRG.

Overall, the value of online shopping orders to both EU and non-EU destinations fell by 13% compared to the month of May – average order values had risen every month prior to that.

This development points to the weakening of sterling having reduced the average order values for non-UK orders by 13%.

Andrew Starkey, IMRG’s head of e-logistics, said the June figures should be treated with caution as a snapshot. He said that the data provides a “reasonably clear indication” that there was some impact on delivery orders following the referendum.

However, he pointed out that June’s data contained just one week of post-Brexit tracking, adding that it is “just too early to say” if the industry is experiencing the start of a genuine shift in trends.

The more important factor for the UK’s online retailers will be to see how Internet shopper confidence pans out in the long-term.

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Author: Monika Ghita