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Blog >> Scurri Assists Retail Partners Complete Easy Deployment of Royal Mail’s 2D Labelling System

When the Royal Mail Group announced late last year that nearly three quarters of the Post Office network were using Royal Mail 2D barcodes as it was phasing out PPI (Pair Postage Impressions) labels and the old mailing system, it said the remaining 3,500 of the 11,500 Post Office branches would adopt its barcode-ready Parcel […] Read more

Blog >> Royal Mail Looking To Partner With More Tech Firms In The Delivery Space

In an recent interview with CIO Royal Mail Group (RMG) CIO Catherine Doran said that as well as acquiring and investing in a number of businesses, she says that Royal Mail Group seek to partner with or acquire companies that have “technology capabilities in the delivery / logistics space to accelerate our ability to go […] Read more

Blog >> Challenges facing Logistics and Warehouse Managers – 2016

Everyone who decides to make a change has to start somewhere – below are the most common challenges we help our customers to overcome… 1. Feeling stuck… Business owners, warehouse managers, shipping staff come to us knowing that something needs to change. Their business is growing, they want it to grow more and they’re aware […] Read more

Blog >> Automating delivery – 4 Ways to Make Delivery Simple

When it comes to delivery, time is everything.  You strive to make sure parcels are dispatched and delivered on time knowing any delay is likely to impact your customer and ultimately your brand. Automating your process can reduce the risk of error, save you lots of time and make shipping less stressful. Overall, automation gives […] Read more

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