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29. 06. 2017



Blog >> Scurri Launches Referral Program

Happy customers are one of the reason for our  growing our customer base. There’s also been a steady stream of requests for a referral program. So now, it’s here 🙂 Whether you’re a customer or not, you can participate in the program. For now we’re keeping it really low tech and making it really easy for […] Read more

Blog >> What is NPS and What Does it Mean to Scurri?

One of our company values is “we love our customers.”  To that end, everything we do revolves around giving our customers the best experience. Whether it’s how the platform works, acting on feedback or providing amazing support. One of the ways we keep track of this is through a KPI based on NPS. Net Promotor […] Read more


Blog >> Shipping in Magento 2.0

Organising your Shipping in Magento 2.0 Integrating shipping in Magento 2.0 is a key part of building an eCommerce stack as up to 62% of cart abandonment in the UK. Most customers citing not being comfortable with the shipping options provided.  Getting the right shipping solution in place is key to success for  over 500,000 merchants around the world […] Read more

26. 06. 2017



Blog >> Migrating to Magento 2. Scurri releases new integration

Today we’ve got a real treat for all merchants on Magento 2 and existing customers on Magento 1.x. We are excited to announce that we’ve created a Scurri integration for Magento 2.  Magento 2 is more configurable, faster and provides the very best Magento platform for eCommerce merchants. To see all the benefits of Magento […] Read more

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