Simple to add Carriers

We integrate with all the major carriers and keep the integrations up to date, freeing up your valuable IT resources.

Scale for International Expansion

Access a wide variety of carriers and delivery services so you can grow internationally.

Deliver the Promise

We believe in great customer service which is why our NPS (net promoter score) of 8 is the highest in the industry.

Simple to Deploy

The Scurri Shipping API is simple to implement into your e-commerce platform or Warehouse Management System, reducing the deployment timeframe.

Scale for Operational Efficiency

Scurri eliminates repetitive work and human error, maximising your operational efficiency.

Delivery Innovation

Our smart labelling technology extends the delivery of your brand message directly to your customers’ hands.

Simple to Use

Our platform is straightforward and user friendly. We remove all the complexity and we deal with it for you.

Scale for Growth

The Scurri solution removes the constraints that shipping can cause to your business growth.

Serviced by Experts

Scurri uses agile methodologies right across the business which allows us to deliver changes quickly, ensuring you do not fall behind the pace of constant change.

We have certified integrations with the following carriers:

...and integrates with