The Top 10 Retail & eCommerce Articles of 2012

by · January 4, 2013

2012 has been a busy year in retail! The high adoption rates of mobile have lead to consumer behavioural changes in how they shop  in store and perceive the brand, the prevalence of social media and how it’s leveraged by eCommerce can significantly increase customer experience and consequently conversion and finally how, in a data saturated world, it is no longer sufficient to simply develop eCommerce capabilities as customers expect a seamless experience across the various channels in a brand.

So here are our top 10 retail & eCommerce articles of 2012 that we’d like to share covering all of the above and more.

Will Mobile Commerce Overtake ECommerce?

An informative infographic from GetElastic that demonstrates how M-Commerce (eCommerce via mobile) is more accessible than ever, more attractive for an increasingly price-savvy customer and a more prevalent enabler of behavioural changes in the consumers.

How Do Social Login & Social Sharing Affect Conversion?

Another infographic, this time from monetate, on the positive impact social login and social sharing functionality can have on conversation rates.

How Pinterest Drives Online Sales

Pinterest is now the 3rd most popular social networking site. Shopify write about how eCommerce stores can start leveraging its popularity to significantly increase traffic and sales.

23 Fun Facts About API’s

Another article from GetElastic, this time about the usefulness of an API in any environment, it’s massive adoption rate and some interesting nuggets about how it has been implemented in other companies.

Evolving E-Commerce Checkout

Another excellent and insightful article from Luke Wroblewski on how to improve checkout forms. He also writes about what the future of digital shopping could evolve to.

The Value Proposition in Multichannel Retailing

OK, so it was written in 2011 but is no less relevant, and often cited in many other articles from 2012 which is why we’re including it here! McKinsey writes about the various considerations customers make in deciding whether to purchase a product across multiple channels.

We’re Ready for the Omnichannel Revolution – Are You?

This Forbes article writes about how, in an increasingly data oriented world, it is no longer sufficient to simply develop e-commerce capabilities and that customers now expect a seamless consistent customer experience across the brand.

Retail Industry in Transition to Wall-less Omnichannel Future

PriceWaterhouseCoopers write about how mobile and tablet commerce are expected to drive the fastest growing non-store retail channel by 2020 and that ‘ …  successful retailers will need to transform themselves to grow in an increasingly polarized world of greater channel fragmentation that will result in greater non-store retail growth and smaller retail formats’.

Does the Topshop Mobile App Enhance the In-store Experience?

Retailers are experimenting with different ways in which to include mobile as part of the customer experience. This article looks at how TopShop have implemented it in their stores and the changes this has on customer experience.

10 of the Best Social Media Campaigns from 2012

We conclude with a blog from Econsultancy which provides a roundup of fun, but no less insightful or engaging, social media campaigns of 2012.