25 May


ESM Article on Online Delivery features Scurri


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Scurri Features In ESM Article on Online Delivery, Shoppers Delivery Expectations & IMRG Research

Retail technology supplier Scurri has featured in a recent ESM – European Supermarket Magazine article on how online shoppers are demanding improvements in home delivery services.  According to the ESM feature, the newly released IMRG UK Consumer Home Delivery Review 2015 has revealed that satisfaction with online delivery now sits at 82 per cent while shoppers concerns on delivery are experiencing a downward trend.

In the IMRG study, customers are demanding improvements in three key areas of home deliveries:

  1. Per-purchase delivery information provided
  2. In-transit delivery updates and returns
  3. Returns

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19 Feb


Wexford Tech Meetup



Apostolis (Scurri) gives a Masterclass

Yesterday the first Wexford Tech Meetup was held at the Scurri offices in Wexford Town. Over 20 tech professionals from the area discussed their experiences of implementing Continuous Integration and how they approached it.

The format for the event was that a speaker each from Scurri, Sonru and DoneDeal gave a 15min talk on their own approach to continuous integration. Continue Reading

21 Jun


Boost International Sales with 5 Killer Tools



My choice of tools to help Boost International Sales

boost-international-salesMost small and medium sized UK online retailers are looking to new markets to boost international sales in 2014, according to Royal Mail research from earlier this year. The research which found six out of 10 (59%) merchants are looking to boost international sales, while 68% will target new overseas markets.

As I work with many online merchants I come across tools that make doing business a little bit easier or at least take some of the pain away and I thought it might be worth sharing them with you.

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12 Jun


Royal Mail Services for Businesses


Understanding the Royal Mail Services for Businesses

Royal Mail is part of the Royal Mail Group which operates through two core divisions: UKPIL and GLS. UKPIL operates in the UK collecting and delivering parcels and letters through two main networks, the Royal Mail Core Network and Parcelforce Worldwide. GLS operates in continental Europe and the Republic of Ireland.

Today we’re looking at the Royal Mail Core Network and their range of services for businesses. There are many Royal Mail services, they can be categorised as follows:

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19 Aug


Running retrospectives



“The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn.” ~Alvin Toffler

Part of what defines the Scurri team is our desire to learn and improve. Not only is this process of learning a key component of agility, it also plays a significant part in defining ones company culture.

What I’m going to write about is effectively running retrospectives with the whole team and what our process has evolved to in our desire to perfect this process . We have a separate activity to reflect on our company direction wherein we validate/question/prove/disprove key hypothesis we’re making or have made about our business model. Further to this there’s also a sprint retrospective which is attended by all members of the development team (anyone who contributes to bringing the product to the market). Continue Reading

04 Aug


Scurri eGistics and Powa Investment in logistics partnerships


powa investment

Scurri, eGistics and Powa Investment in System Integrations will bring greater delivery choices to Powa Platform users


powa investmentThe team from Scurri are delighted to announce that in conjunction with our partners in eGistics we have commenced integration work with the Powa Platform.

Powa is the world’s largest shared eCommerce platform provider.  By enabling the rapid deployment of numerous distributed online shops, Powa gives their customers a more advanced online merchandising capability. The Powa ability to deploy multiple geographic independent sites leverages the strategy on the part of the global search engines towards a country-by-country weighting structure.

The combined integration means a Scurri, eGistics & Powa investment in the partnership will enable leading edge technology and processes that will give users of the Powa platform access to great shipping rates along with the software to manage the crucial delivery element of their business.

Work has already commenced between the parties on the integration, with a number of customers targeted for initial trials.  Rollout to the larger user base will occur before the end of the year, with many exciting developments to come.

Powa users interested in learning more about how the Scurri software will work for them can contact the Scurri team directly on +44 20 3239 8972 or email sales@scurri.co.uk.




02 Aug


Maintaining our agility as our business grows



“Meaning emerges through interaction” Dave Snowden

Someone asked me recently how do we maintain our product and development agility as the business grows and customer demands increase. How do we manage to iterate the Scurri software as quickly as we do and engage with (and react to) customers as their needs change or evolve?

I guess part of the answer is that we don’t treat these two things as distinct activities. How we approach designing, developing and optimising the software is by identifying the job to be done and delivering that capability to do so. For us providing that capability is just the beginning.

With each release we’ve formed hypothesis about the effectiveness and usability of the features within it (which we’ve also validated throughout the development process but nothing really beats using it as opposed to looking at mock-ups or process maps!). And by interacting with our customers we can test those assumptions and look at how we can further enhance the capability of each feature.

This process of interaction never ends. What we believe is the next most important thing to work on is validated by talking to our existing or potential customers, how we provide that to customers is refined and further enhanced through our interactions. For us it means we’re delivering great features quickly and for our customers its means they have the tools to provide the delivery agility their business needs.

26 Jul


Scurri announced as European Business Awards National Champion


National Champion

The European Business Awards has announced that Scurri is to represent Ireland as a National Champion in the prestigious 2013/14 Awards.

European Business Awards - National ChampionsNational Champions

Scurri HQ is a hive of excitement this week! We are delighted and honoured to be representing Ireland as one of 20 National Champions in the 2013/2014 European Business Awards. Thousands of companies applied so we are extremely proud as it is a great reflection on our team, our product and our ambition. Focusing on winning awards is not what Scurri is all about, however focusing on delivering real value for our customers has helped us gain the recognition amongst the European business community and goes a long way to fuel our enthusiasm and determination.  A big pat on the back for the entire Scurri team who are so dedicated to making a difference.

The awards has identified some of Europe’s brightest businesses based on their ability to demonstrate the three core principles at the heart of the programme. The esteemed panel of judges were looking for organisations to represent Ireland who exhibited the highest levels of innovation, business excellence and sustainability.

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